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Problem: You need to teach your students how to code. You want to inspire them to make real world projects, and prepare them for a fast moving future. You do not have much money, but each student must have hands-on experience.

Solutions: Thanks to amazing developments like Adafruit's Gemma and the SquareWear you can have great technology at a tiny price. All of the software you need is 'open source' so you have no additional costs. Also, there is no soldering required, and no internet or WiFi needed for student use. Perfect.

picture of blue handbag, linked to youtube video
A Gemma and three NeoPixels

Challenging Student Projects

Our 'electronic handbag project' suggests that your students buy something inexpensive at a local charity shop and spice it up with lights, and more. The sophistication of the project grows as the students learn.

The amazing Adafruit Gemma

This is one technology that we use on projects like the one opposite, a Gemma and some NeoPixels. With basic coding, students can change the light pattern to any combination of colour and intensity they would like.

The SquareWear

The fabulous SquareWear

This is an even more powerful microcontroller. Not only can it control NeoPixel LEDs, it has inbuilt light and temperature sensors, as well as a switch and a buzzer.

Now we can make a handbag where the light pattern changes when the lights go down, and even a buzzer that alerts us when the bag is opened.

See this lovely video from Adafruit to see a colourful and inspiring Gemma project they created - adafru.it/b97813 (a light activated NeoPixel heart).